Ann Johnston

In the 70s Ann was making traditional-style quilts, and started dyeing fabric to get the best colors. She explored many approaches in order to find the correct dye recipes and develop ways to work that were home friendly. By the early 80s she was using only her own hand-dyed fabrics, perfecting dye painting with precision for whole cloth silk quilts. By the late 90s, Ann had learned many more dyeing and construction techniques and her work changed accordingly, as seen in her clear and colorful book The Quilter’s Book of Design, Expanded 2nd Edition. She is also widely known for her dye books, workshops, and her recent DVD, Color By Accident: Exploring Low-Water Immersion Dyeing.  Ann’s lifetime of making quilts, dyeing fabric and exploring the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California has come together in Ann’s most recent work, The Contact: Quilts of the Sierra Nevada

Categories: Quilts, Fiber