Applications are currently closed, but will reopen in October of 2018

The current year's membership application is due via email by midnight Tuesday, October 31, 2017. The entire membership may vote online in November, with a majority vote required for acceptance.  Members look at your professional images for a strong and consistent body of innovative, recent work.  Your resume should provide evidence of your participation in recent regional and national exhibitions.  Jury results are emailed by December 1, 2017.  There is no application fee.  If accepted, membership dues will be $50/year. Members are expected to volunteer for NWDC activities. 

Questions?  Contact Membership Chair Liz Axford, or 360 321-5279

Please complete this form and save it as a Word document: LastName_FirstName_Application_2017.doc. 

Incomplete forms will cancel your application.  Reference the attached NWDC Membership Application Criteria checklist for more information and instructions on how to submit your application.



Full Address: 





Gallery name & location representing your work:

How did you hear about NWDC?

Who in NWDC, if anyone, knows your work? (optional)


Member Participation:  New members are asked to participate in NWDC activities by volunteering.  We have many jobs available that support the committees listed below, ensuring that you will find one that best fits your schedule, interests and location.  If accepted, you will be contacted and asked to help in the area you designate.  Please consider this carefully when applying for membership.   See Committee Descriptions below. 

On which committee are you interested in serving? 

Archivist             (  )                                                                                         Newsletter       (   )                                           


Education            (  )                                                                                         Publicity              (   )


Exhibitions         (  )                                                                                          Social Media      (   )


Hospitality          (  )                                                                                           Web Liaison       (   )


Membership      (  )  

NWDC Volunteer Committee Opportunity Descriptions

Archivist - The Archivist and this committee act as a liaison between NWDC and University of Washington’s Pacific NW Special Collections Library.  It receives and stores submissions to NWDC archives, and prepares and delivers any further NWDC submissions to the Library.  The Archivist helps us present ourselves well on paper when the Exhibitions Chair approaches organizations to host our shows.  We need helpers to organize all of our documents.  

Education - The Education Chair arranges yearly programs, works with the VP to secure program locations, arranges for AV equipment, makes sure the VP gets publicity into the newsletter, and works with the Education Publicity Chair to publicize programs.  Our Education Co-Chairs have done a wonderful job on our programs this year and are interested in your ideas.  They could use more people to arrange/volunteer for speakers and demonstrations at our quarterly membership meetings.

Exhibitions - The Exhibition Chair secures and organizes NWDC exhibition opportunities, while working with teams to ensure the logistics for exhibitions.  This Chair encourages member participation, maintains a well-rounded committee, attends board meetings, handles exhibition budgets, and coordinates with Publicity.  Our Exhibition Chair is looking for ideas and venues for future exhibitions.  Do you have ideas?

Hospitality - The Hospitality Chair organizes our parties, sends information to the newsletter, and communicates with other members of the Board as needed.  Two or three helpers are needed to cycle through the various social events.  A helper is needed at each event to simply replenish water, paper plates, etc. to make our terrific parties run smoothly.

Membership - The Membership Chair develops communications materials for membership application, processes new member applications, works with the Web Liaison to create an online ballot that is automatically tallied, advises applicants of the result of the jurying process, announces new members, introduces new members at the Annual Membership Meeting, maintains the current membership roster, and emails NWDC information to members.

Newsletter - Many “Thanks!” to our proofreaders.  The Newsletter Editor receives items from members by the 15th of the month, compiles the newsletter, sends a preview to proofreaders for final editing, and sends the final version to the Membership Chair for distribution to NWDC members. 

Publicity - The Publicity Chair works with the Exhibition Chair to publicize NWDC shows, creates regional and national gallery/venue press releases, maintains a budget, communicate with members, maintains a database of press release contacts, sets deadlines specifying when images are due for press, works  with publishers on post cards, brochures, etc., proofreads pre-press information, and works with the Education Chair as necessary.

Social Media - NWDC’s Social Media Manager is working to build our social media presence primarily on Facebook and plans to expand later into other relevant channels.  He/she regularly posts member news, exhibitions, and classes to keep members and fans of our page informed of our activities. He/she also posts articles of interest and promotes NWDC artists by regularly writing and featuring artist profiles. 

Web Liaison - The Website Liaison receives updates for our website and works with the web master to ensure the NWDC site is current, presents updated reports to the board, places periodic updates in the NWDC newsletter, manages the NWDC online calendar, works with committee chairs, updates content and occasionally asks for input from Board and members to improve the NWDC website. 

Volunteer Coordination- the Volunteer Coordinator defines volunteer opportunities and recruits members to fill the positions. 

Northwest Designer Craftsmen Membership Application CHECKLIST  2017  


Your application is due via email by midnight, Tuesday October 31, 2017.

Questions?  Contact Membership Chair, Liz Axford, or 360 321-5279


­­­­___1.  Completed Application Form (first page of this document).

  • Copy the application page(s) only and save as a Word document labeled: Lastname_Firstname_Application_2017.doc  
    Example:  Jones_Lily_Application_2017.doc

___2.  Images : TEN professional-quality digital imagesof work completed in the last three years.

  • Size:  1920 pixels maximum on the longer size (800 pixels minimum), 72 dpi, 1MB maximum file size
  • File Format: Baseline JPG.
  • Name and number each image file with the following naming convention: Lastname_Firstname_ImageNumber_YearCompleted_Title.jpg.
    Example: Jones_Lily_01_2017_Making Waves.jpg         
  • For images showing detail, the naming convention is:  Lastname_Firstname_ImageNumber_Year_Title_Detail.jpg
    Example:   Jones_Lily_02_2017_Making Waves_Detail.jpg

NOTE:  Images from applicants who are successfully juried into NWDC will be stored in the NWDC image bank and may be used for educational, promotional and archival purposes.

___3.  Image Description List: a Word document saved as Lastname_Firstname_ImageDescriptionList.doc.  

  • Provide the following information ONLY for each image, making sure your List Numbers match the Image Numbers: LastName_Firstname_ImageNumber _Year_Title_Medium_Size_Fabrication method
    Example:   Jones_Lily_01_2017_Making Waves_Glass_20x30x5inches_fused and cast glass

___4.  Artist Statement: a Word document saved asLastname_Firstname_Artist Statement. doc. 

  • In 100 words or less, choose what you want to share about yourself and your work.  You may include your background, inspiration, design approach, philosophy, medium and fabrication methods.

___5.  Resume: a Word document saved as Lastname_Firstname_Resume.doc.  

  • Make a brief list of FIVE of your most recent and/or important, juried or invitational exhibitions at the regional, national or international level.  Also provide no more than TWO examples each of your educational background, awards, teaching, commissions and publications.  


  • Check your files, then Email all 4 Word documents plus 10 images (sent as TEN separate images, not as one folder) all in ONE email to:
  • with the Subject Line: LastName_FirstName_Application, 2017.
  • Check to be sure all FOURTEEN items are listed as “Attached” and open each one to be sure it’s what you think it is.  DON’T SEND ANYTHING ELSE or the program will reject your application.  Use #1-7 as your Checklist to be sure you include everything.

___7.  Email Membership Chair Liz Axford at:

  • (Subject Line: NWDC Application) to let her know you have completed and emailed your application.  She’ll let you know within 3 working days that she has received your complete application.  Email Liz again if you don’t hear back from her by then.     

Good luck with the process and thank you for your interest in NWDC!