Barbara De Pirro 

Barbara De Pirro’s observations of nature have triggered a profound admiration for its brilliance and resilience while at the same time a deep concern for its fragility and vulnerability.  She creates biomorphic, mixed media sculptural forms and installations.

With each project she strives to create a sense of wonder and amazement; enticing the viewer to not only look closely at the detail and form, but to turn that vision outwards into the natural world.  In this process of truly ‘seeing’, she hopes to nurture a sense of appreciation, an understanding of that interconnection and encourage a protection of what is most precious.

De Pirro’s artwork has been commissioned and exhibited nationally, is also included in many private and corporate collections.  Her installations have been featured at various Museums, Sculpture Parks, Biennials, Art Centers, Galleries and Public Spaces.  Additionally De Pirro’s artwork has been published in multiple articles, publications and books.

Category: Mixed Media Installation