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South Whidbey Island Studio Tour of Five Member Studios & Member and Guest Social

Northwest Designer Craftsmen
South Whidbey Island 
Studio Tour of Five Member Studios
& Member and Guest Social
October 13, 2018

11 AM to 5 PM Studio Tours
5:30 PM Reception At The Museo in Langley

Please RSVP for the reception to

S T U D I O  T O U R  A R T I S T S

1.  Nancy Loorem Adams 
Heron Rook Studio
4997 Saratoga Road, Langley
Phone/Cell:  206-605-9983
Directions: From Langley town take Second Street north to where it turns into Saratoga Road at the intersection of Second and De Bruyn Ave. Continue straight onto Saratoga Road through the intersection.  About .5 miles from that intersection on the right hand side turn in at Heron Rook Ln. Drive though the stand of cedar trees toward the clearing coming upon angle parking along the fence and near the wood man totem in forest part of the  driveway.  Signs mark the parking. Walk down the driveway to the new house closest to the bluff. 
I work in sculptural basketry using cane, reed and wood veneers to create woven surfaces. My newest works are evocative torso forms with interiors containing surprising elements using, for example, silk thread, mink and silk cocoons. My new studio is in a recently competed contemporary home on the bluff overlooking Saratoga Passage with a large collection of art, all of which will be available for tour guests to view.
2.  Patti King
234 Bowery Loop, Langley
Directions: My house is just a 3-minute drive from Museo and about 5 minutes from Nancy Loorem’s in a cluster housing development known as The Highlands. The address is 234 Bowery Loop, on the corner of Bowery Loop and Highview Street. The house is dark brown with red window mullions, and the studio is separate from the house. There is plenty of street parking as well as a vacant lot across from my house where additional parking is available. (Do not park behind the studio. It is a public park.)
I have just re-organized my studio so that I can do all three things I love: weaving, dyeing and stitching. I've set up my big 5’ wide loom in the center of the room and plan to focus on rug weaving for the next year or so. There should be a rug in progress by October and perhaps some evidence of indigo dyeing and bojagi-making as well. I’m quite fired up after the trip to Japan in June-July for the International Shibori Symposium and hope the inspiration from that experience will be evident in my work.

3.  Danielle Bodine
6610 Sills Road, Clinton
Home: 360-321-4379
Cell: 360-929-3012
Directions: My studio/home is located on the south end of Whidbey Island. From HWY 525 going North or South turn south on Bayview Road to Sills Rd.  Turn right onto Sills – drive approx. 1/4 mile – turn right after a curve in road into driveway to house and studio. Parking for approximately 13 cars.
Having experimented in a variety of fiber techniques over the years, my current work combines basketry and surface design techniques with cast paper to create sculptures that range in size from one inch to over 8 feet. My artwork is often inspired by the views from my studio windows of the shipping lanes and waters below.

4.  Beth Wyatt Studios
8186 Mossy Rock Road, Clinton
Home: 360-579-7888
Cell: 206-914-2626
Directions: I’m located on Possession Point, toward the very end of Cultus Bay Road. From the ferry landing, stay on Hwy 525 going north until the first stop light at Ken’s Corner Shopping Center. Turn left onto Cultus Bay Road. Stay on Cultus Bay Road for approximately 6.25 miles. You will be passing Baileys Corner Store. Continue on Cultus Bay Road until it turns into Possession Road at the stop sign on your right. You must turn right there, to continue on Cultus Bay Road. Keep the water on your right. Proceed up Cultus Bay Road, past the first Sandy Hook Community sign, to Nation Drive on your left. Turn left onto Nation Drive, proceed up the hill to Lupine Lane.  At the top of Lupine, turn left toward the mailboxes and proceed to the dirt road. This is Mossy Rock Road. Turn left onto Mossy Rock Road. Proceed to the light brown barn-like structure just ahead. Enter the studios along the right side of the building. Please park in front (6-7 car capacity double stacked) with additional parking in the driveway across from my studio (signage will be posted).
Currently my focus is on the exploration of contrasting elements in vessel/containment structures....structures integrating my trio of media in metalsmithing, ceramics, and enameled surfaces, based in part on observation of basketry techniques and cold connection in metal. I’ll have parts & in progress.
My ceramic/enameling and metalsmithing studios are in a separate 800 square foot two story structure designed with wonderful north light fenestration at my wooded hillside home above Cultus Bay. 
5.  Inge Roberts
3640 Holmes View Drive
Home: 360-730-1168
Cell: 360-320-7151

Directions: From Langley, take Second Street, which becomes Saratoga Road, which becomes East Harbor Road. Turn right on Nautical. Turn left on Holmes View Drive to 3640. From Freeland: Exit right off 525 at the traffic light. Drive past Payless Shopping center on left. Take left on East Harbor Road. Take left on Holmes View Drive to 3640.

I make sculptural and functional porcelains. My studio consists of the designing/show room, the kiln room with the glazes and tools, and the outdoor working area. I’ll explain how I work and will show how I shape, texture and impress the clay.
Reception at Museo
5:30-7:00 Hosted by NWDC
Special thanks to Nancy Whittaker and Michael Dickter (owners)
215 First St., Langley
(360) 221-7737
Sara Owens
Sara's work can be seen at Museo in Langley before or during the reception.
Using a variety of techniques including traditional metalsmithing, needle felting, and paper mache, I create jewelry and sculptures that reflect a world filled with wondrous objects, both natural and industrial, shaped by function. My work emerges while sketching in the materials, rather than separating the design and construction phases. I fabricate, deconstruct, rearrange and combine forms creating objects that are reminiscent of natural and industrial relics.
While in Langley, check out Clyde Alley where you can find sculpture by
Lin McJunkin (with Milo White) and Dale Reiger, both NWDC members