Cheryll Leo-Gwin

Following "Alice" down a rabbit hole was my first experience with surrealism, psychic automatism, and stream of consciousness. The story invites one to examine a surreal world of opposites and creates mental exercises for amusement or for serious contemplation. The juxtaposition of shapes, images, scale, and logic mimic the perceptions encountered in defining one's own reality.

"Opposites” attract my fascination. I find myself immersed in parallel worlds of opposites...differences in culture, politics, religion, justice, gender, love and loss. Using various dissimilar elements to express the idea of opposing forces I use materials that hard and soft, permanent and transient, heavy and light materials to varying degrees.

The juxtaposition of various opposing human emotions and conditions are my work.

Leo-Gwin earned an MFA from the University of Washington

Categories: Mixed MediaMetals