Danielle Bodine

I have always had a fascination with space travel, fed no doubt by watching Twilight Zone and Star Trek episodes on TV and in “real life” watching Neil Armstrong’s historic walk on the moon.  I often dreamt of being an astronaut and exploring the universe.

My fascination with space continues in the creation of the imaginary Red Dot Galaxy. It began as a relatively small galaxy with only a few coiled red stars, asteroids, and planets, but it has recently expanded with each addition a unique new world. 

What better way to travel in space to visit planets and galaxies than in individual “mini transports?” In the installation, “Holding Pattern,” the mini transports can be seen hovering around the large Mother Transport before taking flight. Once in space, the mini transports, can visit “The Red Dot Galaxy” or hover over “Moonscape’s” mysterious, cratered surface. If they run out of fuel in their adventures in space, they can fill up with fuel by attaching themselves to the rotating, orbiting “Satellite.”

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