My work deals with the overlap of humanity and the natural world. I use my simple, emotive animal forms to examine human motives and emotions. Storytelling and the idea of myth plays a very large role in my work, but equally so the notion of biology.
     Humans are intrinsically biological and the growth of cities follows the same biological imperative as a blooming flower or growing tumor. I try to examine this notion without pronouncing a moral judgment on it. Hence, my beasts may sometime carry entire civilizations on their back, though the question of symbiote or parasite is left open. I also use biology in my work to examine some of the more base aspects of human nature as my creations hunt, eat, and squabble over prizes.
  A recent grouping of my pieces has begun to examine my work's own nature as constructed form, opening to reveal hollow space inside. This consideration of the physical inside of the sculptures has led me to consider their metaphorical insides. They have turned into an examination of the internal workings of myself and others, and how they relate to the physical shell.