Self Portraits Show

Ron Ho Portrait-2.JPG

Northwest Designer Craftsmen is proud to produce a new video about Ron Ho in the continuing "Living Treasures" video series.

NWDC is hosting a "Self Portrait" fundraising event. Each artist listed has donated a "self portrait." Each portrait will sell for $200. The funds raised will help to cover the $50,000 video production cost.

The Self Portraits Show will be at:

619 N. 35th
Seattle, WA 98103 - in Fremont
(enter through the alley behind PCC)

A preview show is open to the public from
Tuesday October 31 to Saturday November 4 Noon to 4pm
Sunday November 5 is the celebratory event, from Noon to 5pm.

A sampling of self portraits, left to right by: Larry Metcalf, David French, and Nancy Loorem Adams.

This gallery show features original self portraits by 75 local artists, many of which have national and international reputations.  Each portrait is for sale and priced at $200. A lottery system ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to purchase any portrait.

How It Works:

  1. View the work on any of the five preview dates.
  2. Fill in your free lottery ticket - name your choices for purchase and deposit into locked box.
  3. All self portraits sell for $200 each. No obligation to buy.
  4. Attend the lottery pulling event on November 5th, a Sunday afternoon.
  5. Wait for your ticket to be drawn, pay for your purchases and carry your work home.
  6. Your purchase helps fund the Northwest Designer Craftsman video on Ron Ho.

Artists Involved: 

Alida Latham,  Barbara J Walker,  Benson Shaw, Bobbi Goodboy, Cappy Thompson, Carol Milne, Charlie Parriott, Cheryll Leo-Gwin, Cynthia Toops/Dan Adams, Dan Neish, Danielle Bodine, David French, Dennis Evans/Nancy Mee, Diane Kurzyna aka Ruby ReUsable, Dick Weiss, Don Myhre, Donna Pritchard, Gale Lurie, George Rodriguez, Gretchen Echols, Inge Nørgaard, Inge Roberts, Jack Mackie, Jan Koutsky, Jean Tudor, Jennifer Stenhouse, Jenny Pohlman/Sabrina Knowles, Jill Nordfors Clark, Joan Hammond,  Joan Stuart Ross, JoAnn Feher, John Gleason, John Webster, Joyce Hayes, Julia Lowther, Kevan Atteberry, Larry Halvorsen, Larry Metcalf, Laura Brodax, Lauren Grossman, Laurie Hall, Layne Goldsmith,  Linda McFarland, Liza Halvorsen, Lloyd Herman, Lois Harbaugh,  Lynn Di Nino, Lynne Hull, Marita Dingus,  Mark Ditzler, Marty Lovins, Mike Peck, Miriam Works, Monica Street, Nadine Kariya, Nancy Bonemma, Nancy Hewitt, Nancy Loorem Adams,, Nanz Aalund, Noble Golden, Patricia Resseguie, Patti Shaw, Patti Warashina, Paul Marioni, Philip Levine, Ron Pascho, Steve Jensen, Virginia Causey, Yasmine Rafii, Patti King, Clin Cannon, Susan Swanson, Dorothy McGuinness, Patti King, and more.

Northwest Designer Craftsmen at the Northwind Art Center

Northwind presents the work of 46 members of Northwest Designer Craftsmen. For sixty years, NWDC has promoted quality in Craft and stimulated public interest in Craft. Members work professionally in clay, wood, metal, fiber and/or mixed media. Pieces range from the traditional to the innovative, exploring and respecting materials and process. Artists use a variety of techniques and materials that blur the lines between fine art and fine craft. Whether functional or not, it is quality work that exemplifies the the continuity of craft tradition wedded to contemporary expression.

 April 3rd - April 27th

Reaching Beyond: The Northwest Designer Craftsmen at 60

Hosted by the Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA

Participating Artists

Nanz Aalund, Anne Abendroth, Dona Anderson, Dina Barzel, Candace Beardslee, Lanny Bergner, Cecilia Blomberg, Danielle Bodine, Jill Clark, Ginny Conrow, Quinn Zander Corum, Cheryl DeGreoot, Lynn Di Nino, Mark Ditzler, Joline El-Hai, Irene Embrey, Jo Ann Feher, Anita Feng, David French, Gina Freuen, Eva Funderburgh, Zia Gipson, Noble Golden, Bobbi Goodboy, Carol Gouthro, Deborah Gregory, Catherine Grisez, Julia Haack, Laurie Hall, Laurence Halvorsen, Liza Halvorsen, Lois Harbaugh, Joyce Hayes, Nancy Hewitt, Peggy Hitchcock, Ron Ho, Lin Holley, Katherine Holzknecht, Mary Hu, Lars Husby, Ann Johnston, Nadine Kariya, Calvin Killgore, Patti King, Cheryll Leo-Gwin, Marty Lovins, Julia Lowther, Loren Lukens, Cameron Anne Mason, Crista Matteson, Anita Mayer, Dorothy McGuinness, Lin Rebolini McJunkin, Paddy McNeely, Larry Metcalf, Jeannette Meyer, Cathleen Michel, Jen Mills, Carol Milne, Mary Molyneaux, Eric Nelsen, Inge Norgaard, Reid Ozaki, Ron Pascho, Julia Rapinoe, Inge Roberts, Seth Rolland, Sharon Rowley, R. Leon Russell, Midori Saito, Sam Scott, Sally Sellers, Patti Shaw, Randolph Silver, Kathleen Skeels, Barbara Skelly, Karen Snyder, Denise Snyder, Teri Jo Summer-Reiger, Polly Adams Sutton, Katherine Sylvan, Joan Tenenbaum, Cynthia Toops, Jean Tudor, Ken Turner, Barbara Walker, Stewart Wong, Beth Wyatt, David Zercher, and Judy Zugish