2018 Exhibition Opportunity

The Contemporary Art of Pacific Northwest Crafts

at the Washington State Convention Center

September 29, 2018 through January 6, 2019


NWDC will be having our next exhibition at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Our show will be juried by Lloyd Herman and the installation will be designed by Larry Metcalf. All artists entering will have at least one piece chosen. The Convention Center does not take a commission. Each piece of artwork will have a security magnet attached to it. At the bottom of this page there is a photo and explanation of WSCC security measures.

We are trying something different this time and will be using a new Call for Entry process which will be accessed through this website. At the bottom of this page there is a button to click that will direct you to the Entry Form to fill out online. To access the Entry Form, use the password beginning with c that you can locate at the end of every newsletter.

If you have any difficulties please email nwdcexhibitions@gmail.com for assistance.

The exhibitions coordinator will be contacting everyone from whom we receive an Entry Form. If you do not hear from us in 3 days after your submission please email Joyce Hayes at nwdcexhibitions@gmail.com. Please also contact her if you have any questions.

Washington State Convention Center (for delivery of work)
705 Pike Street
Seattle, Washington 98101

Open to all 2D and 3D work.

Entry Requirements:

  • Submit up to two pieces. The submissions should be the actual pieces you wish to be in the show.
  • One detail image per entry is allowed.
  • Your entry should be completed within the last 3 years.
  • Submissions will be submitted using an electronic format on our NWDC website.
  • Only active NWDC members who have paid their dues for 2018 may apply.


  • File format: JPEG only.
  • File dimensions: No smaller than 2100 pixels on the longest side.
  • File resolution: 300 ppi/dpi or Maximum.
  • Size of File: The image needs to be less than 5MB; our Entry Form will not accept more.
  • Label all images with your Last Name -Title of Piece
  • Example: Stanton - Repoman Never Sleeps.jpg

Image Descriptions and Artist Statement:

All of this information will be submitted on the electronic Entry Form. You will need the information listed below for each piece.

  • Name of artist
  • Title
  • Materials
  • Size: (HxWxD in inches)
  • Artist Statement
  • Price: include price even if it is not for sale (NFS) for insurance purposes
  • Year made
  • Photo credit
  • Display method: (Wall Mount, Pedestal Mount) and extra security needs
  • Images: Full image and Detail

Insurance coverage is provided by the Convention Center while in their possession.

Delivery of Artwork:
All work needs to arrive at the Convention Center on Thursday, September 27. There is a loading area underneath the building off Convention
Place. When heading east on Pike Street, go through 7th, through 8th and at the next intersection is Convention Place, make the yielding right and you will go into a tunnel. You will see the loading area to your right. We will have a secure room to store our work overnight. There is no room to leave packing materials on sight, so you will have to unpack your work and take the packing materials home. If you are shipping your work, a shipping label must be included in your package for return shipping. Also, be sure to use adequate shipping materials to protect your work for the return shipments. Any special packing or display instructions should be included with your artwork.

Delivery Address:
Washington State Convention Center (for delivery of work)
705 Pike Street
Seattle, Washington 98101

Shipping Address:
Joyce Hayes
5229 Ivanhoe PL NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Exhibition Schedule
April 1, 2018 - Call for Entry opens
August 20 - Call for entry closes
September 9 - Notification of acceptance
September 27 - Delivery day
September 28 - Installation day
Undecided - Opening reception
January 7, 2019 - Pick up of art

If there are any questions please contact me:
Joyce Hayes

Preparation of Work for Convention Center Security:

All artwork, whether displayed in vitrines or on the wall, will have a magnet attached to the work along with a security box.

Security is very important in such a public place.  All wall art will need a lip or solid edge to which the magnet can be attached.  For example a textile cannot be hung from a bar or rod because people walking by, or air from the ventilation system, will gently move the art and trigger the alarms.  The work needs to be attached to some kind of framework - one example may be stretcher bars.  In all cases, the work needs to be stable and the magnet needs to have a place to be firmly attached.  We will have enough vitrines and wall cases for all accepted artwork. 

We are not allowed to hang any work from the ceiling and we are also not allowed to display any work such as furniture that is free standing on the floor.  All free standing works need to be in a vitrine.

You can sign a waiver and still show your wall work if these security measures are a problem for you. The gallery is always guarded with security personnel and cameras.  

Below is picture of the alarms they use. The small piece is the magnet that will be attached to the artwork in the lower left hand corner. The bigger box is screwed into the wall below the piece. The magnet is about ¼” from the box. If the magnet is compromised or moved it will trigger an alarm. Vitrines are locked and alarmed.

 Convention Center art case with lock.

Convention Center art case with lock.

Having trouble?  Contact NWDCpresident@gmail.com.