Member Profiles

How Do I Log Into My Member Account? 

You can login to your new Member Profile via this link (also available in the Member Access section of the NWDC website, titled "Member Sign-In"):

The first time you access your new profile, you will select the "Request Password" radio button, fill in the email that NWDC uses to send you messages, and click the blue button marked "Request Password". An email with your password will be sent to you. Please follow the instructions in the email to access your NWDC Member Profile. I would strongly suggest changing your password to something different from the password that was emailed to you.

I've Changed My Email Address; How Should I Notify You? 

If your email address changes, you will need to update that information in your NWDC Member Profile. Please update your address in MailChimp FIRST (see below), and SECOND through the NWDC website.

How Can I Update My Profile Images? 

If you were one of the members who sent images and text for the previous Members Profiles, your profile will already contain those images and text (we moved them over, one by one!). You may now change/add/upload new images and change/add text and other information.

If you never sent images/text before, and you don't add anything now, you will still be listed in the Membership Directory, your "card" will just show only your name and if you click on it, the only additional information shown will be the city you live in.

How Can I Pay My NWDC Dues? 

You can now pay these online any time you like, so why not go ahead and do that now! Login to your Member Account (same one as your Profile) through the NWDC website: (, and click on the "About" tab in your Member Page. Click on the blue button that says "Renew, Upgrade, or Update Billing" for payment options. Our exciting NEW option is that you can set up Automatic Recurring billing, so you can put in your credit card once, and we'll bill you automatically once a year. You can also just make a payment for one year either by credit card or by mailing a check to our treasurer (address for where to mail checks will pop up when you select that option on the website).

We would like to strongly encourage you to use a credit card to pay your dues. Our system is secure, and no one will see your credit card information. The money paid by credit card will be deposited directly to the NWDC bank account, making life just that much easier for our hard-working treasurer!

Newsletters & Email Blasts - Your NWDC MailChimp Email Subscription

How Do I Change The Email I Receive the Newsletter and Email Blasts At? 

At the bottom of every MailChimp email (NWDC Newsletter or email blast) are links to click to update your profile and to unsubscribe.   If you are going to change your email address, please do that first in MailChimp, and second in your account on the NWDC website.

What About If I Want to Forward an NWDC Newsletter or Email Blast To a Friend? 

When you forward NWDC messages sent via MailChimp, it's good housekeeping to delete the update/unsubscribe links in the copy you are sending on, since then NO ONE ELSE can accidentally unsubscribe you! If you forward a MailChimp message and your recipient clicks on the unsubscribe link, the person unsubscribed will be YOU, not the person you forwarded the message to.

Oops, I Accidentally Unsubscribed! What Do I Do? 

If you accidentally unsubscribe yourself, or you suspect that a recipient of a forwarded message may have unwittingly unsubscribed you, send a piteous email to, and I'll click the right buttons to have MailChimp send you a message to reverse that.

Video Conference Board Meeting via FREECONFERENCECALL.COM

Why Conference Calls? 

All NWDC members are welcome and encouraged to attend board of directors meetings, both in-person meetings and virtual ones.

With the change from monthly meetings to quarterly ones, NWDC will no longer have a convenient time and location for physical in-person board meetings built into the monthly programming.

Not to worry, though!  It was high time to explore video conferencing, as this will allow the board much more freedom to meet when it is convenient, AND have the regular participation of members flung too far to be able to come to physical meetings.

Who Can Attend, and How?

Everyone who wants to attend/join a virtual board meeting should download the FreeConferenceCall.Com app that's appropriate to your computer type (Mac, PC, Linux):

At the scheduled date and time of the meeting, to join the online meeting, click the online meeting link and follow the prompts, OR dial in to the conference line, and when prompted, enter the access code followed by hash (#).

For detailed instructions on how to test the app and make sure it's working for you, please log in to the site and go to our Members-Only Video Conference Instructions page.