Gale Lurie

I enjoy making beautiful, mostly functional pieces using many techniques: high fire, low fire, soda, wood, saggar, raku, and pit firings. In the last few years I’ve devoted myself to perfecting my Raku techniques.  I’m intrigued with the amazingly rich colors that can be achieved with copper and other minerals and love the interaction of the potter and fire during these fast firings.

When I work with clay, the world slows down for me, and I believe that when people use a hand-made piece they too can slow down and feel the potter's influence on it.  My biggest reward in ceramics is when someone says to me, "I still use the mug I got from you fifteen years ago and it's still my favorite." 

I'm currently interested in creating works that are interactive.  The person who owns the work can play with it, rearrange it, and create a new work.  

I've been working with clay for over forty years and still enjoy it and find new challenges. 

catagories: Ceramics