Inge Norgaard

For Fourth Net and Silo Project, I wanted to experiment with large photocopies made from my original photos, which I divided into equal grids, then taped together with archival clear tape as subtle way to make the underlying grid. I then chose four images to weave from that grid. What is in that grid is a given by the division. This takes the control away from me and leaves me with an abstraction of the whole. I wove each tapestry so they could stand on their own without depending on the whole image. These tapestries are mounted on stretcher bars so they hang proud on the photocopy, creating a grid within a grid and a dialog for the viewer between the photo image and the woven image. The Delta Triptych was a commission for the meditation room at St. Joseph Hospital in Stockton, California. I chose to use the surrounding nature as an image for healing and meditation in the neonatal and cancer wards. The tapestry symbolized the beginning of life and letting go.

categories: Tapestry, Fibers