Joan Tenenbaum 

Joan Tenenbaum is academically trained as an anthropologist and linguist but irrevocably changed her life by becoming a jeweler, embracing her heart’s desire. It was in Alaska that Tenenbaum did field work for her doctoral thesis and since first setting foot in Alaska she has never truly left her spiritual home.

Jewelry infused with environmental and cultural content has become Tenenbaum’s signature as an artist. Her work is grounded not only in her precise craftsmanship honed through decades of continuous study of technique, but also by this deep love of Alaska, its native cultures and its awe-inspiring beauty.

“For me, my work and my life are a continuous journey. In pieces that are entirely hand fabricated I tell stories and paint pictures of the peoples with whom I lived in the Far North, the animals that live there, how we interact with our environment, and places of transcendent beauty.”

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