Joline El-Hai

Raised under sun-soaked skies, I developed an enduring passion for light and vivid color.  I fell in love with the medium of glass and its potential to touch emotion and tell a story.  In 1975 I began designing and fabricating stained glass windows and panels.

Fusing (melting layers of glass together in a kiln) makes possible rich overlap of hues and painting with fired-on glass enamels allows for shadows and figurative imagery. 

I enjoy partnering my glasswork with materials that come with a personal history, such as suitcases, found containers and old functional wooden boxes.  Openings are cut out and the glass is set behind them and electrically lit from within.  These repurposed frameworks have hidden stories that carry the hopes, dreams and travails of their previous owners.  My aim is to give new life to these objects by using them in combination with my glasswork – creating objects of light, intimacy and intrigue.

Photo credits: Mark Frey

Categories: GlassMixed Media