Judy Zugish

I’ve been making baskets a long time now.
The process chose me originally, intuitively. And then I chose to go deeply,

inward, into the calling.
Over time, I’ve come to realize
my pieces are a sharing
of stories
the stories contained in the hours, years, weaving, living that grows a piece.

and so,
the basket has made me into a storyteller.

Now I begin to feel the elder steppes on my journey
as magnetized
outward, drawing on the calling
as a storyteller,

to sharing what I’ve come to know
teaching a collection of those who hear
in their heartspace.
and so,
I build upon new form, a container of connection.

as it intuitively ended up, I crafted a life, and learned my skills from living the craft.
each beginning reveals me to myself,
and I am grateful to the basket
guiding my way to live

in gratitude,

Judy A. Zugish


Categories: BasketrySculpture