Katherine Lewis 

I am a basket-maker working on my farm in the Skagit Valley near Mount Vernon, Washington, where I grow a large selection of basketry willows.  Growing my materials allows me to choose from an array of natural colors and weaving qualities.

My primary materials are the willow rods that are harvested annually in the winter months.  The willows are coppiced or cut back to the stool near ground level. Willow bark is peeled in the spring and summer from larger rods that have been grown for several years before harvest.

I weave baskets using traditional European willow basketry techniques.  I hope to help preserve these willow basketry skills while rooting my craft in our Pacific Northwest landscape.  The Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian American Art Museum acquired several of my baskets in 2011 as part of the Cole Ware Collection of American Baskets.


Categories: Basketry