Kathleen Probst

I am a curious textile artist on a path toward minimalism. Clean lines and simplicity are my beacons.

I’m utterly drawn to mid-century modern furniture and architecture and art from the Bauhaus era. The Swedish word “Lagom” means striking a balance, not too little, just enough. My work is to search for that balance.

I pared down the early elements of my art into thin lines. Recently I let go of those lines. Now color defines shape. The reduced the number of elements and colors along with an increased scale creates large expanses of open spaces for quilting, which are given a quiet voice that does not overpower the bold graphic design.

The process continues to evolve. Tools include a camera and computer, both used to manipulate and audition possibilities during the design and stitching stages. Hand dyeing creates the subtle variations I desire, nothing too busy. 


Category: Fiber