Kathleen Skeels

For me, my art is an alternate world. It is a place of possibility and discovery where I am at my most capable and where the rules are of my own making. The art process allows me access to a side of my mind that is otherwise unavailable.

Drawing is basic to my art, drawing in black and white and color. I have been drawing since childhood, so often I return there when I draw. It’s play and refuge. On another level, it’s a tool for examining the world directly and for thinking through ideas and projects. Perhaps clay is the drawing surface that I love best. Porcelain is so sensitive that it records my slightest touch. Stone ware gives me a ground for bold work on a larger scale.

My ceramic sculptures make the impossible worlds that I draw tangible. The scale of these sculptures varies from small to large scale, taking advantage of the opportunities each type of clay offers. I sculpt from imagination and life. Often the three dimensional piece also doubles as a ground for my drawing and painting.

I feel that I have entered a special mental state as I work on a sculpture so that each piece becomes a playground. It only lasts as long as it takes me to complete the work and I am always sorry to leave it behind no matter how difficult and intense the experience.

I share with the viewer the emotional charge, surprise and delight that I experience at work in my art. 


Categories: SculptureCeramics