Larkin Jean Van Horn 

Larkin Jean Van Horn is a mixed-media textile artist working in the areas of art quilts, beadwork, wearable art, and liturgical art since the mid-1980s.  Each piece represents the combination of her imagination, inspiration from the world around her, and her strong sense of drama.  The intense forms and colors of her work are sometimes a response to the grey Pacific Northwest winters, other times they reflect the natural energy of spring and summer.  Whether exploring the variety of textures found on the island – the waves and tidelines, wind-bent trees, strata and fissures in the rocks on the seashore – or the inner landscape of emotions, spirit, and self, it’s all about texture.  Larkin wants her work to have as much interest for the fingertips as for the eye – hence the decision to work with her own hand-dyed fabrics and fibers, as well as beads, and found objects.

Categories: Fiber, Beadwork