Lin Holley

I’ve worked with clay for 30 years. This decade I’ve added metals and found objects.  My clay is fired in many ways:  Raku, terracotta and pit-fired pieces. My metalwork, mostly copper, brass & silver, is etched, fabricated, patinized. I sometimes add found and modified objects.  I always remain open to adding new techniques and materials; each piece allows me to grow and learn.

I’m drawn to the ancient temples, sites and embellishments of Asia & Latin America. My background in Architecture guides my designs; the memories of my pilgrimages haunt me.  

I’ve worked with social justice projects for over 20 years, and am filled with stories about all the inspirational moments of this journey. Both caregivers and care-receivers enrich my life. My pieces are narrative, one-of-a kind assemblages, each piece a new challenge that I genuinely welcome.

I try to capture a sense of serenity & timelessness with my work, a moment for viewers to relax, reflect & wonder.

Categories: CeramicsMixed Media