Harold Balasz

Creating Wonder 2001, time: 28:42

"The purpose of art is to create wonder". Over 50 years ago Harold Balazs quit his day-job. Armed with talent, ambition, an art degree, and an acetylene torch, he set out to make a living making art in Spokane, Washington.

Robert Sperry

A Northwest Master 1998, time: 28:31

"The biggest inspiration has been that I've been able to combine the ideas of art with the ideas of science into something that makes visual sense to me". Robert Sperry was an artist profoundly interested in new understanding and new ways of seeing the world.

Russell Day

Living Art 2000, time: 28:31

"More than anyone, Russell set an example of what it was to live a life that revolved around art." Dale Chihuly As an art educator for over 30 years, Russell Day influenced the lives of many.

Anne Gould Hauberg 

Visionary 2003, time: 29:23

"My father said this and I repeat it, 'If you don't support your artists you won't have them'." Anne Gould Hauberg was a dedicated patron and advocate for the arts and individual artists for over sixty-five years.

Virginia Harvey

A Legacy in Fiber Arts 2002, time: 28:30

"Learn more than anyone else knows about a single subject and the world will beat a path to your door." As a young woman, in the 1930's, Virginia Harvey developed an interest in weaving.

Ramona Solberg

Jeweler, Teacher, Traveler 2000, time: 28:13

"I'm willing to put almost anything into a piece of jewelry if I think it works!" As artist, teacher, author, lecturer and collector, Ramona Solberg is a pioneer in the contemporary jewelry movement and a Living Treasure.

Evert Sodergren

Master Woodworker 2002, Time: 28:35

"My father was only interested in traditional design and I wasn't satisfied with that. I would like to make something that hasn't been made before."- Evert Sodergren Born in 1920, a fourth generation furniture maker, Evert Sodergren grew up in a family of Swedish immigrants in Seattle, Washington.