Lois Harbaugh 

I am a vessel maker.  I am interested in vessel shapes, vessel’s role as a symbol, and vessel as carrier of cultural information.

Through the vessel, I reference past cultures in imaginative ways.

The tree-of-life form, Unfurled, looks like something the French might have invented in the 1700’s.  (They didn’t.)

Scholars Wed draws from the form of the Scholar’s Cup, found through out Asia:  a footed cup on a pedestal base.  This pair of vessels was made to commemorate my son, Joel Nishimura’s engagement to Stephanie Chan, when both were in graduate school.

My study of ewers is part of aseries, The Vessel Alphabet, which explores vessel names, types, and forms.  These “Tuscan red” shapes are riffs on Middle Eastern ewers.


Categories: Ceramics