Lynn DiNino

You can more fully appreciate Lynn, her artworks, and her strong presence in the art community, when you know she’s raised in the cotton belt of New Mexico by a single mother of five who worked as a waitress.  From an early age Lynn collected throw-aways in order to create her shoes, wearables, and art projects.  These activities were her emotional lifeblood.  College was not an option.

She became a full-time artist following a recession lay-off at Seattle Mental Health in 1973 where she worked as a recreational therapist.  Her involvement with Friends of the Rag -the original wearable art collective circa 1970- led her first to ‘soft sculpture’, then to hard sculpture using cement, wood, fiber, welded steel and her original love: household items.

Lynn’s work usually involves social commentary: currently, problems with the food we’re eating.

Categories: sculpture, mixed media