Mark Lubich 

A self-taught artist, Lubich fuses glass to stimulate ideas of abstract movement and color. His artistic style consists of strong textures, achieved by layering translucent, opaque and dichroic glass to create a three-dimensional quality. In 1978, Lubich graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in history, after which he joined the United States Army. As a captain, Lubich became medically disabled in 1988.  He has since experimented with glass art, and finds inspiration from his dreams and everyday life. Lubich says, “Glass speaks to me; it sparks with life and gives me purpose.”  Lubich has displayed his fused glasswork extensively throughout the United States and Canada, and won Gold Medals in the Glass, Applied Arts Mixed Media, and Fiber Arts Original Design categories of the National VA Arts Festival and Competiton.

Categories: Glass