On this page you can sign in to your NWDC account.  Didn’t know you had one?  All of our members do!  What can you do with your account?  Well…

  • You can RENEW your membership – so no need to create a new profile each year. You can also change your payment method.  Rest assured no credit card data is ever stored on our site.  It is securely transferred with 256-bit encryption to our payment processing site – STRIPE.
  • You can update your contact information, so we move with you if you like. You can also change your login credentials, which always stay private – even from us!
  • You can upload your logo, tell us (and visitors) about your company or work, and add any information and pictures you would like to share about yourself, including your web address, social media links, website, and Etsy store!  This information will display on our Member Profiles page, which is an OPT OUT profile page for members only that is available for viewing by the public.
  • If you forget to renew or your membership is inactive, your profile is still saved in our records.  It's just suppressed, and will not be listed in the public directory until you've renewed your membership.

Sound good?  Try it today!  The first time you want to login, use the email address associated with your account (you know what it is) and request an automated password.  Once you have logged in, you can change any of this information, including the password, to your current preferences.

Please Note: If you are using Safari or Chrome as your browser, please do not request a password reset if you have trouble logging in. You may need to open our website in a “Private Window” to be successful.  This has to do with the way these browsers cache data.