Nadine Kariya

Recently I have felt compelled to make narrative statements, recalling courses from Ramona Solberg, an original Northwest proponent of this style. For a show at Facere, Seattle, I had to represent the year 2009. Barack Obama was the man of that year, so I hammered out his quotes for Earth, Credo, and Peace brooches. Birds were the topic of another show. I carved my first bird, emulating a hawk made by an anonymous Japanese-American relocation camp internee of World War II. Next I carved my favorite bird for two ecology necklaces. “Kingfisher Bon Voyage” was inspired by mother-in-law Milly’s souvenir coaster from San Diego. Her Michelangelo snack tray became the foundation for “Kingfisher Sits Between Man and Man’s God…and Mother Nature.”

I am a colorist of metal, gems, and the found. In my non-narrative work I often indulge the plasticity of metal.

Category: Jewelry