Nancy Megan Corwin

The process of organic metalsmithing, in which the material exhibits a sense of movement and shows the hand of the maker, is at the heart of my work.  I express this aesthetic by using the ancient techniques of chasing (surface detailing and texturing) and repoussé (to punch sheet metal from the back to create volume); processes that create one of the most intimate conversations with an inanimate material that exists in metalsmithing.  The repetitive hammering used to make these forms and marks in the metal has become my heartbeat and my breath.  Every blow is it’s own mark, regardless of whether the end results show them individually or as contiguous.  The forms and surfaces of my work are responses to the plant, rock and marine life materials that I collect and study.  It is not their outlines or recognizable aspects that interest me. Rather it is the rhythm and depth of the textures that are my inspiration.

Categories: JewelryMetals