Patricia Resseguie

Despite a passionate dislike of home economics sewing classes, I returned to the thrum of a sewing machine in my middle age.  It seemed the only way to create the line, color and texture I wanted to express my ideas about how life evolves in patterns of growth.  I have listened a million times to the “kerchunk” of the needle drop, using up thousands of yards of sewing thread building compositions stitch by stitch.  Occasionally I change up the routine and use other materials, but the zen meditation of free motion embroidery keeps bringing me back to the sewing machine.

This was not what I planned upon graduation with an M.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago a smidge over the age of 50. I hoped to make profound statements in audacious ways.  The verdant beauty of the Northwest settled me into a quieter life on Camano Island.  Each day I am grateful to be alive in a beautiful place to create art I hope will awake an emotional connection in those who see it.

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