2019 Exhibition Opportunity

Northwest Designer Craftsmen Create

at Schack Art Center
April 25th - June 8th 2019

STEM+Art+Design - Northwest Designer Craftsmen Create is Schack Art Center’s annual education exhibition funded by Boeing.  K-12 school groups, along with the public, will attend the exhibition, and teachers will attend workshops coordinated with the exhibition.  STEM + Art + Design supports the current emphasis in Washington state curriculum on STEM: the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through project-based educational experiences.

For this exhibition Art + Design are added to STEM to demonstrate how artists design and create works of art integrating STEM principles. 

For example, imagine a ceramic artist creating work on an electric wheel using precision measuring instruments to ensure the piece is perfectly proportioned; then firing in a highly technical computer driven kiln at temperatures specific to the clay body and glazes used to create the effects designed by the artist.  All of these, and many more, technical aspects of the ceramic artist’s work are richly entrenched in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Each NWDC member uses various integrations of STEM to create their work. Whether weaving, dyeing, metalsmithing, melting glass or creating mixed media works of art—all are highly invested in STEM principals.

Along with each piece submitted for the exhibition, the artist will write a statement describing some of the STEM processes incorporated during its design and creation. These descriptions will accompany the work in the exhibition as a teaching tool for students and visitors to the show.  See below for more detailed information about STEM and examples of write-ups that describe the processes and thinking used to achieve pieces. 

A 30-minute video is available that shows fine craft art works created by some of our members, along with an explanation of how the work uses STEM in its creation.  We hope these examples will be helpful to you as you create your entries for the upcoming exhibit.

The video can be accessed via this link: https://youtu.be/AfLdxhE0Zkw

Contact Nancy Loorem Adams at nancy@heronrookstudio.com if you need further assistance with this aspect of planning and preparing for your submissions.

Schack Exhibition Details

The show will be juried by Carie Collver, Director of Schack Art Center; the installation will be designed by Schack Art Center.  All artists entering will have at least one piece chosen. Schack Art Center takes a commission of 40%.  The Schack prefers that works are for sale, but does not require it.

We will again be using our new Call for Entry process which is accessed through the NWDC website. At the bottom of this page there is a button to click that will direct you to the Entry Form to fill out online. As of January 15, 2019, the Members only section of the Website will require a personal ID (your email) and a password.  You can obtain these by accessing “Your Account” or following instructions on the Website.  If you have questions about this process, please email nwdcpresident@gmail.com.

If you have any difficulties with the Entry Form, please email nwdcexhibitions@gmail.com for assistance.

The exhibitions coordinator will be contacting everyone from whom we receive an Entry Form. If you do not hear from us in 3 days after your submission, please email Joyce Hayes at nwdcexhibitions@gmail.com. Please also contact her if you have any questions.


Schack Art Center
2921 Hoyt Ave.
Everett, WA  98201


Open to all 2D and 3D fine craft works
Entry Requirements:

  • Submit up to two pieces.  The submissions should be the actual pieces you wish to be in the show.

  • One detail image per entry is allowed

  • Your entry should be completed within the last 3 years

  • Submissions will be submitted using an electronic format on our NWDC website

  • Only Active NWDC members who have paid their dues for 2019 may apply


File format: JPEG only
File dimensions: No smaller than 2100 pixels on the longest side
File resolution: 300 ppi/dpi or Maximum
Size of File: The image needs to be less than 5MB, our Entry Form will not accept more.
Label all images with your Last Name -Title of Piece
Example: Stanton - Repoman Never Sleeps.jpg 

Image Descriptions and Artist Statement: 

All of this information will be submitted on the electronic Entry Form.  You will need the information listed below for each piece.

Name of artist:
Size: (HxWxD in inches)
Artist Statement:
Price: include price even if it is not for sale (NFS) for insurance purposes
Year made:
Photo credit:
Display method:  (Wall Mount, Pedestal Mount) and extra security needs
    Full image


Insurance coverage is provided by Schack Art Center while in their possession.

Delivery of Artwork:

All work needs to arrive at Schack Art Center on April 15 or 16. If you are shipping your work, a shipping label must be included in your package for return shipping. Also, be sure to use adequate shipping materials to protect your work for the return shipments. Any special packing or display instructions should be included with your artwork.

Delivery Address:

Schack Art Center
2921 Hoyt Ave
Everett, WA 98201

Shipping Address:

Joyce Hayes
5229 Ivanhoe PL NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Exhibition Schedule:

January 15, 2019                    Call for entry opens
March 15, 2019                        Call for entry closes
April 2, 2019                           Notification  of acceptance
April 15 & 16, 10 - 5:30pm      Delivery day
By April 15                               Shipping to Schack (they have no storage for boxes), or ship to Joyce Hayes
April 25, 5-8pm                      Opening reception
June 9, 12N to 5pm                Pick up day
June 10, 10am to 5:30pm       Pick up day if Sunday does is not possible                                       

If there are any questions contact Joyce Hayes at nwdcexhibitions@gmail.com.


NWDC was asked by Schack to articulate our use of  STEM principals through Art and Design.  NWDC artists actively use STEM principles whenever they are creating.  Our task is to articulate some of the STEM principles we use in descriptions to accompany our pieces for the exhibition written in terms that 3rd through 7th grade students understand.


Try to incorporate STEM words in your description: 

When I design a new weaving, I set up my loom using mathematical choices to achieve a particular pattern…. For this piece I designed a …..pattern using the mathematics of ….. weaving technique to achieve ….. This technique requires that I weave…..

When I dye material I use a mordant. The scientific purpose of the mordant is to… I use particular mordants with particular dyes because of their chemical characteristics…. For this piece I used….because….

When I design a sheet of glass I draw on my iPad using xxx application….

To achieve the specific design I create a mathematical grid then….

I select glass with certain chemical characteristics to achieve my design. For this piece I selected…. because the scientific qualities of the glass were….allowing me to achieve….

I use a xxx glass kiln which is an electrically powered oven with technology that allows it to achieve and hold temperatures up to XXX.  For this piece I set the kiln computer at SSS for XXX hours and then, brought down the temperature over xx hours to XXX  temperature  and held it to soak the glass.  Soaking glass is necessary due to the scientific properties of glass which are ….. If I did not soak the glass it would …… For this piece I used XXX composition glass requiring …. firing.

I am interested in the similarities between forms found in nature and man-made constructions.  I researched in XXX publications to learn how natural forms duplicate on a cellular level to create large constructions.  I mimicked the natural forms, duplicating them over and over as I constructed this piece.

I was interested in the collapse of bee colonies around the world.  I researched the topic in XXX and visited a honeybee colony on a farm.  I then interpreted my findings through an artwork that visually and symbolically demonstrates the collapse and its impact on human food production.

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