Teri Jo Summer

The process of silk dyeing has fascinated me for over thirty years. It is clear in concept, yet complex with its mysterious and often unpredictable outcomes. Similarly, working as a clothing designer in the Wearable Art field, I have an appreciation for both the subtle and arbitrary interpretations that define fine craft and the arts. Who can say, really?

A pervasive curiosity has kept me engaged in this calling. It has been a journey of creating one of a kind garments, which has taken me to many places; both internally and out, to diverse people, cultures & locations all over the world. I am surprised and delighted when my pieces have an indigenous quality- just as surprised when they do not!

Each dyed textile moves from a watery world to my hands and when completed, out of my studio to be purchased, worn or displayed. Sometimes it appears I have merely created yet another piece of well made clothing- other times, something rare and wonderful has occurred. Just as when deep hues of dye make their way through silk, these wearables have a way of diffusing into the enigmatic realm of artful craft.

I fully enjoy my life's work.


Category: Textiles, Wearable Art