Zia Gipson

Though formally trained as an art historian, my personal art making has dominated my professional life for several decades.

My work addresses the loss of language and craft practices from traditional cultures. My long interest in feltmaking, led me to discover a kind of traditional Korean paper fusing calling 'joomchi'. My art papers are primarily dyed mulberry ‘hanji' from the plant Broussonetia papyrifera but other papers may be involved including vintage journals from foreign flea markets. My artwork is embellished using hand and machine stitchery, drawing, cutting and other mark making. The colors in my work come from the colors of the original papers, from other commercially available papers and occasionally from traditional drawing or painting media. 

In addition to solo exhibitions and installations I also show with a group of artists, the Paper Eight, who work with paper as primary material. Paper Eight has shown its work extensively in the Puget Sound region.

Category: Mixed Media